Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WAR: Sept 18th wrong... Sept 16th right?

It is now getting ridiculous... EB Games is showing that WAR will ship on Sept 16th.... LINK.

I'm starting to wonder, is WAR actually out now? Is everyone playing it but me?


Ships on the 16th. Servers live on the 18th....

...they swore us to secrecy, you're going to be the last person to get a copy...

You know what they're doing right? They realized that every time they change the release date on their product pages, thousands of people flock over to their site.

Nice marketing! :P

I signed an NDA disallowing me from telling you that WAR released. Sorry. :(


NDA huh... No dwarves allowed! I see how it is...

I'm playing right now, good thing I pre-ordered my Collector's Edition for the Colecovision!

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