Thursday, July 17, 2008

Star Wars: Wet blanket activated

You have no doubt heard the story that the EA CEO confirmed that Bioware was making a Knights of the Old Republic MMO. Almost every gaming site is talking about the story. I, as I often do, will attempt to rain on the parade.

  • This has not been announced in an official capacity.
  • Why would the CEO of EA make this announcement to You would think a big gaming conference was going on where they had TV time... oh wait, there is!
  • The article does not quote the question the interviewer asked, just the response.
  • In fact, the web post looks like it is basing its news off of another source and not directly.
There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to support that Bioware is making a SW game. The recent trademark filings by Lucas Arts are pretty convincing. When you add the two up, it does make it a likely scenario, but NOT FACT.

Even if it is true, many MMO fans are already setting themselves up for disappointment. The game Bioware is making will not be the game of your dreams. Just accept that right now. It will not be SWG Pre-CU, CU or NGE. It will be take elements from other popular games (i.e. WoW) that you may not like. A MMO should be judged by the sum of its parts, not any partiular piece. It will be a long time until we get that picture.

The game is likely years away, if it even exists, so go easy on expectations. I plan on seeing how things go without really expecting anything. Sure, there are things I would like to see included (i.e. SWG housing and crafting), but I could really do without too. A new MMO is always an exciting time, I wonder what Bioware can do with the opportunity.


EA CEO John Riccitiello confirmed it in his quote. Exactly how much more confirmation do you need? I call that "fact".

I need it from an established and reputable site (for gaming). The source in this instance is a web page about what someone (not the web page author) else did. It is 2nd hand, at least thats the impression I got.

Reading it yet again, it may be direct from, the start just makes it seem 2nd hand.

In any case, announcing it through raises a big red flag to me.

Okie... no harm in waiting :) No choice in it either.

Reading about a new MMORPG is always so bittersweet. On one hand you think, "That would be fun to play", on the other you think, "I'll be five years older when I finally get to play that game."

@syp: It is most likely a SW game, I just want some corroborating information before claiming it true :-/

@boatorious: I hadn't thought about it like that. If it comes out in 2 years I will be.... in a new age decade :-/


The most important thing for all the teary eyed SWG people to remember is "It aint movie era"

You wont meet Han or Chewie or Luke. There's no Vader huffing and puffing.

There are good things about the setting, I just hope that the blogosphere remembers when it comes to early info that it is set long longer ago.

@ardua: I liked KoTOR on the xbox a lot. However, Star Wars is still the original trilogy for me which dampens my excitement about a MMO based in the Old Republic.

There is a lot of potential there, but if I had a choice I would chose the original trilogy every time.

That's pretty much my point.

Everyone and their dog loves the original trilogy (the original original, none of this superimposing Hayden Cantacterson shite).

Fans of the Star Wars IP or mmo genre or the xbox game will likely be right at home. It will not however be "SWG done right" which I think alot of people are hoping for. I am probably way off base though.

I left SWG when it became Jedi Grind. I hope a KOTOR is not a huge elite Jedi fight. I am interested in the Warhammer 40K vaporware MMO. I'm not a Warhammer geek it is just my girlfriend us to play 40k and I might be able to sucker her in to that game if it lives.
Back on subject: KOTOR could be cool but could screwed up easy too.

Hrrm, I guess i should play KOTOR sometime, eh?


I'd point out that Jedi and Sith were more populous in KoTOR. So I doubt they'd have that force sensitive slot fiasco again.

However you will have about a million kids waving lightsabres and going "vuuuum"
The problem is going to be persuading everyone that yes, in the Old Republic people could stand up to Jedi and you aren't an IWin.

The WH40K mmo ...mmmm Necrons <3

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