Tuesday, July 8, 2008


While reading a post, I started to think about a game I used to play...


* Hemlock MUSH truly is like nothing you've ever seen. Set in the
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- An almost unlimited selection of characters to play. Be everything
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- One of the most complex 3 dimensional space systems on the net with
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- A helpful and experienced staff of Wizards.

- Original plots and interactions between Families.

- A dynamically wonderful economic simulation that is bound to blow
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Hemlock was a MUSH (text-based game) that I played in the mid 90's. Actually, I played Hemlock 2, but the above description was all that was left. This wasn't the first MMO type game I had played, but still ranks as my favorite.

The game world was made up of 3 empires, several planets each and a neutral zone. To get around the universe, there was a unique space system. You hopped in a ship and flew to your destination. You could also fight other people in space. The system was called HSpace and was a lot of fun.

There was a basic economy that allowed for folks to trade by hauling cargo. It was simple yet effective. Mostly you earned money via paycheck from the people/government you worked for.

There were NO levels, skills or experience points. The only thing that made your character different was the description , race and how you played him. The goals were whatever you wanted to do.

There was a simple combat system (when not in space) and weapons you could buy. However, if you died, that was it, your character was dead and you would have to create a new one. This limited combat, but it still happened.

My first character, after a stint in a governments navy, moved to the neutral zone and joined a corporation. The corporation had goals of turning the neutral zone into a 4th faction. The other governments did not look too kindly on this development. In the end, I was gunned down by an assassin.

My second character rose to lead a faction of one of the governments, after its previous leader was executed by another faction. As head of the faction I also controlled one of the planets. This lead to a bit of a civil war with the more powerful faction. I ended up allying myself with an enemy empire and attempted to sell the planet to them.

In the mean time I had moved to the neutral zone, for logistics reasons. There I was a ship builder. the space system allowed for player built and designed ships. So I made ships for my new ally and others who needed them to use against my enemies.

Sadly, the rest of the details are a bit fuzzy as it was over a decade ago. Was a great game and a lot of fun. It is amazing what the imagination can do with text.


I remember playing a text based game like that too in the 90's I just can't remember what it was named. Maybe it was the same game..... Hmmmmm

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