Thursday, July 31, 2008

Werit is going through a phase.

No, not puberty.

I am talking about leveling characters via PvE grinds ( i.e. quests ). I cannot stand it any longer! It has become so repetitive and boring that I would rather do nothing than level my character that way. Recently, I played some City of Villains with Ardua. It is actually a very good game, however the thought of climbing the leveling mountain just destroys any enthusiasm.

I have lost the will to level any alts in WoW. The same issue killed my interest in Age of Conan. Maybe it is just the summer doldrums, maybe it is permanent?

My enthusiasm for WAR has not been affected by this phase, thanks to PvP leveling. There are a few reasons for this:

  • It may still be a grind, but it is much more dynamic.
  • It matters.
  • Realm pride.
  • As I learned in LotRO, it is just plain fun.
  • My vendetta against Snafzg!
So basically, that is all I feel like doing in the MMO universe right now. Of course, I cannot due to the Mythic NDA (No Dwarves Allowed) policy in their beta. Until then, I have some obsessive refreshing to do.


Yeah, i agree PvP leveling should be awesome, even if it's slightly slower then questing.
Another thing i like about it is that, when you level entirely through PvP, when you hit 40 you should have "teh mad skillz".
Looking forward to it :>

I think if anything becomes your only means of progression, it will eventually become grindy. Even in DAOC, I wouldn't have wanted to purely level through the battlegrounds because over time, even RvR loses it's dynamic edge (portal keep camping, bridge humping, zerging, etc.). The same thing happened in WoW BGs.

I don't say that to burst your bubble, I just think you should be open to alternative advancement methods as well for a more fun overall experience.

You are right. What I neglected to mention is that I will do PQ's and some PvE when the mood strikes me. The fact that I do not have to do them is what inflates my, um, bubble.

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