Friday, July 25, 2008

WAR: PvP leveling and gear

As I have mentioned, I like the idea of PvP leveling. It does raise the question of how gear will work if you want to take this path. Normally, when you level via PvE you end up doing a lot of quests. These quests often give useful gear rewards. In other games, they have been how I end up gearing myself.

In WAR, if you level by Scenarios and open world RvR, you will likely do very few quests. There will no doubt be some PvP quests or Public Quests, but will there be enough to keep up with your leveling?

Another possibility is that when you defeat another player, you can loot them. The loot isn't actually their equipment, but they get a level appropriate loot table. I think this is in game, but am not 100% sure. With this method, you are left to the mercy of the RNG.

Renown points could also be spent on new equipment. From what I have read, I got the impression that they would be used for big items, rather than leveling items. Again, I don't really have concrete information.

Anyone know if Mythic has addressed this publicly? I am sure they have in the game, but it is still a question for me.


As far as I recall
(aha disclaimer!)

Public Quests have a little bar thingy. As you do the same quest more and more it fills. You can stop at a PQ vendor at any time and cash in your "rep" in that PQ. The top of the table has nice gear.

Also when you kill a player, you will find not only level appropriate loot, but class appropriate. Runepriests fine their stuff on a dead elf, Swordmasters find something else.
That as far as I recall is in in in.

Renown also does get loot. King battles as well.

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