Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dwarves in Spaaaaace!

Well no, not really.

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) is a game I have been playing on and off since it launched in 2003. Recently my interest in playing again has been raised. Regardless of the past, there are some interesting developments happening over there.

  • Canceled accounts have been re-activated for free!
    • Thats right, if you have an old account there, go login and play. They activated all old accounts for their 5th anniversary. It is only temporary of course. No need to setup a subscription or anything.
  • A new Star Wars collectible card game has been announced, Champions of the Force.
    • A virtual in-game CCG like EQ's Legends of Norrath, with loot cards.
    • Due out this summer.
    • All subscriptions get free booster packs monthly.
  • New midlevel theme park.
    • As someone with a mid-level character, a new theme-park is new content. reviews of it have been pretty good too.
  • Housing System
    • I am a huge fan of SWG's housing system. It is always one of the features that brings me back to the game.
  • Sci-Fi
    • Need a sci-fi fix every so often.
  • Hoth is coming soon!
    • Hoth, a new PvE instance is being worked on. Should be unlike anything they have done previously.
  • It is Star wars....
    • Star Wars! Although many parts of not Star Warsy enough, it is what we have.

The main reason I do not play on a regular basis is that I do not have anyone to play with. I have never actually made any friends over there. Playing solo gets a bit boring after a while.

I am quite tempted at the moment to go back to playing.


I once played SWG and I had a great time for awhile but I hated the Jedi infection. I threw my copy in the trash. The free trial sounds fun but thrvtrash heap now plays for me.

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