Monday, July 14, 2008

WAR: Guilds and City Capture

The Greenskin got me thinking more about the new city capture mechanics. More specifically that the Guilds will be the real wildcard in the whole mechanic. Guilds have a vested interest in every high tier zone due to wanting to capture a keep or wanting to defend them. So we have the overall goal of RvR being capturing the opposing realms city and the guild goal of capturing keeps.

If one realm is making a push towards the city, will the guilds defend the city or direct their attention to the keeps? Each provides rewards and a sense of pride. Although, the keep is a more visible indicator of your guild. I could easily see guilds using the city capture as a chance to grab keeps.

There has been a lot of talk about the Elf and Dwarf\Greenskin being pointless now. The city capture mechanic really does not affect Guilds and their quest for keeps. This *should* keep higher tiers pretty active, even if there is no city at the end. Add in the fact that a realm needs to hold 2 out of the 3 fronts before sieging the city and RvR will be alive on all fronts.

Guilds and Guild alliances will have a big part to play in how the coming RvR campaigns work out. Right now it is tough to tell which way they will go, so they are just another variable until Open Beta/Launch comes.


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