Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WAR: Prediction...


Whoops, wrong movie.

A possible timeline for WAR:

  • Present - Mid August: Werit continues not to receive a Beta invite.
  • Mid August: NDA drops
  • Early September: Open beta begins
  • Mid September: Open Beta Ends, launch preparations
  • End of September: Head Start, Launch
  • Early October: Werit defeats Chaos so soundly that the game itself surrenders
  • Mid October: Mythic begins Warhammer Online: Age of Werit


I already have my pre-order for Age of Werit. It's Werit's at.

Yay, that was pun-tastic.


That was so bad I think the Tome needs a personal grudge section so I can glare at you some more :P

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