Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fallen Earth Tips - Waypoints

In this segment of Fallen Earth Tips, I talk about some easy ways to manage your waypoints. As I am an explorer who loves to track down resources, the waypoints are very valuable to me. When I started, their use was not obvious to me, so I hope this video helps out any other players in the same situation.

Direct Link.

In other Fallen Earth news, patch 1.0.9 was released. This patch mainly focused on crash fixing and performance enhancements. It sounds like we may need to start testing Fallen Earth for steroids. Yea, that was lame, but it's early here so cut me some slack :)

Here are some highlights:

  • Updated the resource thread to sleep when there are no resources to load, which brings the total CPU use down to around 50% or lower on a dual-core machine.
  • Added the Large Address Aware option, which enables up to 4GB process space for 64-bit operating systems instead of the default 2GB.
  • Enabled particle debris on vehicles driving over dirt or gravel.
  • Increased the range at which the mount window pops up. You can click the mount window to target your mount at any time.
The performance update has helped at least one blogger.

I need to try out my ATV now. Better particle effects often translate to an improved riding experience.

So far I am pressed with the patches they have delivered and the speed at which it was done. Now I am even more curious to see their first content patch.