Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fallen Earth Tip and Patch

Yesterday, Fallen Earth officially launched! Compared to most modern MMO's, Fallen Earth can be a bit difficult at the start. It's learning curve is not as steep as EvE's, but it isn't flat either. I've started a new segment called Video Tips.

The first tip is about inventory management.

Direct Link.

Along with launch, patch 1.0.8 was released. You can see the full notes here. They are pretty big, but the most interesting news has to do with vehicles. In Fallen Earth you have to fuel your vehicle with gas. If you have a horse, it must be fed.

Vehicles went through gas very fast, making them near useless when compared to a horse. In 1.0.8 they have increased the fuel efficiency, making them much more economical. As someone who has a pre-order ATV, this makes me happy. I'm not going to break it out until I can craft gasoline though.