Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fallen Earth puts PvP on the map

I mean that literally. Until recently, the PvP areas were not marked on the map. As there are several areas and the sectors are just so huge it was a bit of a pain to find them. Speaking of the map, I like the look of it as it fits the game well. There is another level of zoom, but this is the map for Sector 1.

Yesterday I set out to explore and hopefully find some resources. I cleared out the inventory, made sure I had extra horse feed and set off into the wasteland. In the end, I found a rather expansive Coal, Copper and Iron field.

The field seems to be in the middle of nowhere and rather inhospitable. The high level creatures there don't help matters. I was able to avoid them for the most part though. I loaded up the horse with about 50 copper and 50 coal before heading home.