Thursday, September 17, 2009

And the winner is...

September has been the month of MMO's. With three major launches it has been an exciting time. So far I have been sitting on the sidelines and not committing to any of them. That time is over. A winner in the "What MMO will Werit play in September" contest has been chosen! Lets take a quick look at the contestants.

Champions Online

  • + Non-fantasy setting
  • + Amazing character customization
  • - Brand new with the associated issues
  • - Felt small
Fallen Earth
  • + Non-fantasy setting
  • + Crafting is a core part of the game
  • + Skill based
  • - Brand new with the associated issues
  • - Unsure of its future direction
  • + Highly anticipated, will be popular at least initially
  • + PvP based endgame
  • + Polished as it has been released for over a year in Eastern markets
  • + Many people I play WAR with will be trying it out
  • - Anime influenced art style
  • - Wings
  • - Same old quest leveling scheme
And the winner is... Aion.

While there are quite a few things I do not like about Aion, the sheer amount of people that will be giving it a try makes it worth the cost. I will have no shortage of folks to play with as many CoWs will be giving it a shot. My pre-order is in, so next week I will be playing.

There are really no losers here. I will also be jumping into Fallen Earth and Champions at some point, just not at launch. It has actually taken quite a bit of self control not to buy into those already. I can thank a free DDO for providing a distraction.

Aion will be joining WAR as my 2 MMO's that I will subscribe to. Will I get beyond the free month of play? We shall see.