Friday, September 4, 2009

Champions Alt-a-palooza

Yay Friday! Today we have a question:

So Champions players, how many Alts do you have?

The game has only been out a few days, but I'm going to bet you have quite a few :)


I still have 2 character slots left! :P

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Wouldn't have been cheaper and more effective to just design a title which allowed you to style the character and do the 1st 10 levels ??

How many have made it further before jumping to ALT mode.

Well I have two level 16's, a 10,8 and a 6, and I am still thinking of creating a new character!

I am making a conscientious effort of NOT making alts. My theorycrafting mind gets the better of me in most MMO's... I find odd combinations of powers that I feel have great synergy, put them on the Bunsen burner, mix some chemicals in the Character Planners, and then laugh maniacally with a crack of lightning when I discover something. Then I convince the wife to start the duo... Then another, then another, and soon we get so burned out on newbie content without ever seeing endgame stuff.

So yea, trying to limit myself to two duos... Saving a spot for a Celestial/Might character with the Blood Moon shenanigans.

I have one main, and four alts so far. Levels 21, 8, 5, 1, and 1 iirc. The two level ones were really just costume play. The level 5 was just me wanting to test out a powerset a bit more. The level 21 and the 8 will be my competing mains.

I just started but I have three toons total, but I spend most of my time on just one. I did the others to get the hang of the character generator, so I might end up deleting them and starting over, since I'm getting the hang of it, but I still love playing my first creation though.

I usually avoid the alts. Even in City of Heroes, I mostly stuck with my main and eventually played an alt.

Champions tho, I already have 5 characters. Definitely an alt-centric game.

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