Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anniversary Presents

Warhammer Online is celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month. While I would have liked a romantic dinner, WAR has given me some gifts. All players received a nice new cloak (Jubilee).

I'm not sure if I imagined this, but I thought Mythic was going to put in a system where we get a cloak pattern, rather than an item. This is a spiffy looking cloak, but has no stats. We should just be able to choose the pattern for whatever cloak we are wearing.

For those players who have had their account active since the beginning, there was another gift. The WAR Aegis is a reusable item that grants everyone in the area 10% more renown and experience for 60 seconds. It does not appear to stack. Everyone will be eligble to recieve it once their account is active for a year.


I think the standard is quite a nice addition. Nice bits of booty are always appreciated.

I can't wait to log in and check them out. Though I play Order not Destro - glutton for punishment on my server. Heh.

At this rate i'll run out of bankvault space in few events.

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