Monday, September 7, 2009

One year with Warhammer Online

It is hard to believe Warhammer Online is just about a year old. The time has just flown by. It is easily the longest I have played any MMO without taking long breaks. looking at time spent in a MMO is a dangerous thing to do, as some people realize all that they could have been doing.

Not for me. The time I've spent in WAR would have just been spent playing other games. I really have no major complaints regarding the game. Sure, it could be improved. But for me, it provides entertainment even after a year. That's all that really matters. I couldn't care less that vindictive gamers have a problem with it.

In the coming year I hope we hear about a boxed expansion. I appreciate the free stuff they give us, but a retail expansion gives the perception of a healthy game. I think this is because it is generally thought that a full expansion requires more of an investment, which means the company has confidence in their product.

Happy first anniversary WAR, let's hope there will be a second!


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