Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Fallen Earth PvP Change

Fallen Earth recently made a small but significant change with how PvP works. For more information about PvP, check out the recent developer interview. The change in question is:

  • Changed the radar on the mini-map so that it shows other players based on your Perception vs. their Athletics and stance rather than always by default. Teammates will always be displayed.
It is important to note that PvP in FE is free for all. Before, when you entered a PvP area, you could see other players on your mini-map. This put quite a damper on stealthy tactics or even just hiding. Some way to hide yourself has been often requested on the boards and the Fallen Earth team was listening.

Rather than just making a blanket change and hide everyone, they went the RPG route and based it on stats. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. My initial thought would have been to hide everyone when in a PvP zone, but firing or running would cause you to be visible for a brief time.

Basing it on stat value does make some sense though. If you are a combat character you will be harder to spot as you are more likely to have a high Athletics value. However, some combat characters may not have a high perception, so they might not spot others too well. Having a crafter type as a spotter might be an interesting niche.

I'm glad to see a change was made though, should spice up the PvP areas.


Sounds like an interesting change. Have you done much PvP yet? If so, what do you think of it?

I've only been in a single PvP zone, but someone else did show up. Not being seen on the radar would have been a big help :)

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