Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yep, I'm one of them

I woke up this morning to an e-mail, which was not too much of a surprise.  It seems that Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available for pre-order.  Is there a release date yet?  No, but we can order the game which will be out at some point.  It took me all of 20 seconds to decided what to do.

I went ahead and pre-ordered a copy.  In fact, it was the Collectors Edition.  Spending $150 in one shot on a game is not something I normally do.  But the package BioWare has put together makes it worthwhile to me.  There are a few reasons I think it is worth the cost.

1)  It's BioWare.  I have been very happy with my purchases from BioWare over the years.  They have built up enough credit with me that spending this much money on a game doesn't feel like a risk.

2)  It's Star Wars.  I'm a fan of the movies and books.  You won't find me dressing up like anyone, but I do enjoy the franchise.  Way back when I bought the Star Wars Galaxies Collectors Edition when it launched too.  Still have it somewhere around here.

3) Stuff.  The CE comes with a lot of nice physical items.  I do love a good map, the authenticator will be nice to have and the statue looks neat too.  As for the virtual stuff, I really don't care all that much.  Usually they are not very useful beyond the start of the game.  I'm also a sucker for early access :)

Those are my main reasons, not that I need to justify myself.  If you don't find it to be a good value, there is always the Standard version or the Digital Deluxe.