Friday, July 22, 2011

News from the Front: Is it hot in here?

It's been a bit warm here in the Northeast US this week.  Today the heat index is going to be upwards of 115 degrees.  Add in the fact I seem to be suffering from a cold during the hottest day of the year, and it makes for an unpleasant week.  Anyway, on to the WAR news!


  • The over aggressive Elf guards have been sent to re-education camps.  They will now mellow out a bit and stay closer to home.  
  • Crystal of Sandstorms should once again be tradeable
  • Mykiel talks about some of the possible changes Shadow Warriors may see in 1.4.4.  Sadly, Mythic is still not doing anything about them being Elves.
  • Judgent posted an article and video about unlocking the Skaven tome tactic.  Great to see these kind of posts again.  There is a ton of stuff not talked about much in WAR. 
  • Bootae wrote an article featuring his Squig Herder alt and how he is faring in 1.4.3.  I too am a big fan of the Squig herder, I just need to get him to 40.
  • Ekaslime is still in the process of posting his interesting vision of WAR's future.  Today's post talks about a new player career: the Bloodflayer.
  • ThehealerofTru posted an amusing take on lockout timers.  
  • Turino writes about the issue of sanctioned crossrealming in WAR.  It's a tricky issue for sure.  I'm still against it, but can see how it is necessary when the game only has a few servers.  
Sorry, all of the videos melted.