Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where to fight?

Last week Warhammer Online's Producer, James Casey, posed some questions to the community.  This time he asked for ideas about where people would like to fight.  The Warhammer Online game world has some spectacular locations which are rarely seen since they are located in PvE areas.  Which should be brought into RvR or a scenario?

The responses in the thread cover some great spots, so I am going to suggest something a bit different.

1. Where is it?

For this scenario, any Tier 4 (or even Tier 3) keep would do.

2. What size battle would work?

I'm thinking 18 vs 18 or 24 vs 24.

3.  What ruleset would work there?

I would like to see each realm take turns defending and attacking the keep.  Each side gets a turn and whoever has the most points at the end wins.  This would be a new kind of scenario, which could open up a lot of possibilities for the future.

4. Why do you think it would be fun?

It would bring some Open RvR mechanics into a scenario.  To keep it manageable, attackers could use equipment like Orc-a-pults to breach the walls.  The gates may already be down in this scenario, so instead of looking at the ram, attackers would be charged to capture objectives granting points and more time.

The attack/defend technology could open up a host of new RvR like locations to scenarios.  There are a number of PvE keeps which would be fun to play in as well, like Castle Grauenburg in Reikland.  An alternative to attack/defend would be to add Skaven npc's  (nothing super special) to the keep and have Order and Destro both trying to capture it.