Monday, July 18, 2011

Prime BFD

Prime Battle for Dominus is an upcoming MMO with an awesome abbreviation, BFD.  A few bloggers I know have been talking about this new game.  So what is it about in a nutshell: 3 sided open world PvP.  Yea, that is enough to get me interested.  Be sure to read the recent Q&A transcript too.

Last week, some gameplay videos (with commentary) were released.  The one below, in particular, caught my eye.  They gave a little preview about harvesting.  It immediately reminded me of Star Wars Galaxies.  You scan for resources and then narrow it down to the best spot.  You then place a harvester which burrows underground and collects materials for 24 hours. 

While I am interested in Prime, it's release seems too far away to really get excited about it.  I've heard some say they are aiming for a release this year.  I'll believe that when I see it.  MMO's are not exactly known for their set in stone release dates.  It does look like a game with a lot of potential, so I'll follow its progress for sure.