Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1.4.3 Engineer Build

The arrival of the 1.4.3 patch brought some interesting changes to the Engineer career with it.  Enough that I ended up changing my build and equipment to take advantage of some of the new options.  So far, I am enjoying my new setup, we'll see how it does as time goes on though.

First, let's take a look at my skill setup: http://builder.arsenalofwar.com/CareerBuilder.aspx?Class=ENG#15;0;9;13:5:9:;;9:3:;3674:3643:3639:3640:;3653:3652:3646:3656:

Extra Ammo.  This new tactic gives 20 AP to everyone within 30 feet every 2 seconds.  Since I have been using this, I have had almost no AP problems.  Because my build is Rifle focused, I use Gun Blast (2 sec cast time) quite a bit which means its cost is cut in half.  I also end up helping my teammates with their AP.

Coordinated Fire.  As this is a single target build, this tactic gives me a 15% damage bonus.  Add that in with the 20% bonus from my turret for 35%.  I also use Well Oiled Machine so I am usually close to my turret.

Fightin' Chance.  This is the other new tactic.  It gives me 120+ BS and WS at the cost of ~120 Toughness.  I replaces Masterful aim (+160 BS) with this, since the WS is really needed for Rifle skills.

Alright, lets move on to my equipment and renown choices: http://www.arsenalofwar.com/depot?k=agxhcnNlbmFsb2Z3YXJyEwsSCkRlcG90RW50cnkYnbn0AQw

I can't tie in tactics to the Item Depot (yet), so the numbers will be a bit low.  Below I have the game stats:

Key stats:

936 BS
585 WS (41.8% Armor Pen)
240 Ranged Power
149 Toughness

Those numbers are all without buffs or potions.  I'm also still wearing Worn Sovereign as I don't yet have 7 pieces of regular Sov.  My Toughness is very low due to the Fightin' Chance tactic, so I am very squishy.  Range is my defense in this setup.  I also took advantage of one of the new accessory pieces.  Sadly, I just can't bring myself to drop the 2pc LoTD set because of the +90 Ranged Power.

I can put out some decent single target burst damage depending on the target.  If I use my Unshakable Focus morale, it can get really nasty.  One downside is my mobility... I don't have any.  This is trouble in premades, where I can barely get a skill off before the target it dead.  That's ok though, it means we're winning.

I'm having fun with this build and have not given much though about returning to a grenade spec.