Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who to choose?

League of Legends is still occupying some of my game time.  I do like how you usually get a match within a minute of logging on.  I still play Fiddlesticks quite a bit, but I like to try new ones when they shuffle their weekly list.  This week, two champions have caught my eye.  I will purchase one of them, but which one?


Keeping with ranged preference, Malzahar has been a lot of fun to play.  Theme wise, he is alright.  He flots around and says ominous things.  I do like his abilities quite a bit though. Half are AoE and the other half are single target.

Call of the Void is a gtpbaoe that affects enemies in a line where placed.  What I like most about is that it also silences enemies who are hit.  That makes it a very nice anti-Fiddlesticks spell.  One player annoyed me quite a bit using that.  Whenever I'd cast Drain, he'd hit me with it.

Then there is his Ultimate, Nether Grasp.  It stuns and suppresses your target (channeled) while also dealing a good bit of damage.  Used properly, it can get you a good amount of kills. Of course, being the target of this means you really need to pay attention.


Bachelor number two is Urgot the Headman's Pride.  He is also a ranged character, but deals physical damage instead of magical. I really enjoy his theme and effects.  Looks kinda like a Patchwork cyborg. League of Legends certainly offers a variety of champions.

Urgot has an interesting missile mechanic.  Wherever your mouse pointer is, that's the direction the Acid Hunter missile will go.  If they are under the effect of the Noxian Corrosive Charge, hovering the mouse can achieve a missile lock which allows you to bypass enemies who may be in front.

The Corrosive Charge ability does provide a nice armor debuff and AoE dot.  He also gets an absorb shield which adds a slow effect to his Acid Hunter missiles giving him a lot of kiting potential.  His Ultimate isn't quite as devastating as Malzahar's, but is still very useful.  It basically swaps positions with en enemy.  So if you want to get him in range of your tower or your friends, it can help.

Price wise, Malzahar costs 6,300 IP versus 3,150 for Urgot.  I'm just about to 3,000 so I could have Urgot today.  On the other hand, Riot has certainly earned $10 bucks from me, so spending it on Malzahar won't be a problem.  Who would you choose?