Friday, July 15, 2011

News from the Front: Location, Location, Location

This week marked the end of the Sigmartide Live Event.  I thought it was pretty fun, but lets save that for another post.  Even though the College of Corruption has left us, the Gates of Ekrund remains for the weekend.  Most of my WAR time was spent doing scenarios, very close to my first RR81 weapon. What else has been going on?


  • Gaarawarr posted a transcript of a Q&A session we had with Mythic during a recent trip to their offices. 
  • Mykiel posted some thoughts about our visit with the Mythic team
  • Ekaslime has posted a string of articles about hypothetical future patches/expansions to Warhammer Online.  Very impressive stuff. 
  • Bootae breaks out his low ranked (renown) Shaman and has some fun in Tier 4.  Playing a ranged class is a great way to still have fun and be casual (or have alts).  
  • Tea Forks reminds us that realm pride isn't the only driving force in a RvR game, there is also Spite.  Good ol' spite,  a perfectly valid reason to do pvp :)