Monday, July 25, 2011

WAR hits the road

It is the gaming convention season and the folks at Mythic will not be left out.  We already knew that they would be attending Gamesday Chicago, but last week we found out that they will be attending a few more conferences.  Continue on for some details about Mythic's upcoming agenda.

July 30th.  Mythic will be at Gamesday Chicago.  A few Warhammer Online developers will be on hand to talk about their plans for 1.4.4 and 1.4.5.

August 7th.  Gamesday in Germany will also have a Mythic presence.

August 17 - 21st.  Mythic will again be present at Gamescom!  If you remember, they attended last years event to talk about the 1.4 release.

August 26 - 28th.   Mythic will travel to Seattle for PAX.  Like Gamescom, they will likely not have a booth but will be there to talk to attendees.  I also think that PAX is where we will find out an Old Republic release date.

You might also remember that I mentioned a substantial announcement coming from Mythic.  There is a reason they don't give exact dates, time tables change.  While it sounds like we won't hear anything at the end of the month, Mythic's event schedule gives them ample opportunities to talk about it.

To go along with that, here is an interesting quote from Kai:

Why is everybody assuming that it has something to do with Warhammer, just because we invited WAR bloggers? Maybe we were presenting our top secret Swim Academy Sim project.