Thursday, October 11, 2012

Q&A with WAR's Dev Team

Warhammer Online's 1.4.7 patch is now live on the PTS.  It mainly features some Combat and Career balancing and the introduction of a mysterious new kind of Live Event.  Since it should be live soon, I figured a Q&A about the patch was in order.  I also got the goods about what 1.4.8 will feature :)


1)  The main focus of 1.4.7 is Combat and Career balancing.  I'll be honest  I find that topic boring, so let's talk about something more interesting... the new Live Event!  It was mentioned briefly in the Anniversary Letter and more recently in the 1.4.7 Patch Notes as being a bit different.  What makes this Live Event different from those that came before?

The Live Event is not linked to a specific holiday or Scenario. Also, there is a little something included that allows Tier 1-3 players to join Tier 4 players on the battlefield.

2)  Can we expect this new kind of Live Event to be used again in the future?  

We’re pretty excited about having a Live Event that cycles out-of-sync with everything else. We will be watching player reactions very closely, and if this goes over well, then there’s no reason not to use it again in the future.

3)  Let's talk rewards, will players be getting anything new to use or just cosmetic fun stuff? 

There are some new items that should fill in equipment gaps for all Tiers, and a new event item for players who complete most of the Live Event Tasks.

4)  Are there any plans to add more items to the Origin Store?

We have been working on a few things we would like to add to the store, but there’s nothing set in stone just yet.

5)  Ok, on to 1.4.8.  Can you tell us what's planned for this patch? 

We’re aiming for 1.4.8 to be a very fast patch. The #1 priority will be the introduction of a unified RvR currency. There will be a forum thread soon to go over some of the details, so be sure to watch for it!


Thanks Mythic!

In my post about visiting Mythic recently, I mentioned being excited about 1.4.8 but could not say why.  The unified RvR currency was the reason.  No more tokens for ORvR and another for Scenarios.  Just one kind to spend how you wish! Can't wait!

In other WAR news,  there is a PTS testing event today for the city siege.

Time Slot 1: 5PM EDT (9PM UTC)
Time Slot 2: 7PM EDT (11PM UTC)

Try to stop by if you can!