Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daemonic Gifts of Khorne Video

As I mentioned yesterday, there is a new Live Event occurring in Warhammer Online.  While the fact they are including the Bastion Stairs dungeon is neat, I went strait into the RvR lakes in search of portals, which I found in Chaos Wastes.

Destruction players had the same idea, so naturally a fight broke out.  I'm not sure if tht is what triggered the Public Quest, but it happened.  Daemon spawned, which included regular, Champions and Hero level mobs.  The fight went on, Daemons were killed... then the big buy arrived.

When you add the enemy to a PvE fight, it suddenly becomes much more interesting.  The boss fight uses the kill-o-meter mechanic which I belive takes damage to the both and enemy kills into account when deciding the winner.   As Order got there first we ended up winning, but it was a fun fight.