Friday, October 5, 2012

Pink for Tink Dye Returns, Disagreements Follow

In a nice gesture, Mythic will be returning the purple and pink dye vendors in support of Pink for Tink.  They are set to come back when the 1.4.7 patch goes live.  What's interesting is this has caused a little controversy in the community.

The dye vendors were intended to be re-introduced to the game with little fan fair.   Kai, the Community Manager, had this to say:

The dye merchants will come back. But they'll come back without news about it. This is nothing that needs to be broadcasted.

Sadly, some players gave him a hard time about that stance. So he responded with:

As much as I would like more marketing and media attention, getting it because someone is losing an important fight is not the right way. 

I am in full agreement with Kai though.  A tragedy is not the time to try to gain publicity.   It's just a nice gesture on Mythics part.  Using it for self-gain would just cheapen it.

One player did have a good suggestion though:

So how come you haven't considered fundraising by selling these dyes then?

I think it is a fair question.  Of course, I have no idea what goes in to getting an item on the store and doing fundraising across national boundaries.  If doable, I think it'd be a nice idea and would certainly purchase some so long as all the proceeds went to charity.