Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Durrig's Secret Stash Giveaway

Looking for the contest?  Check out this page and sign in with the Sites with Benefits widget on the left to get started!

It's time for another giveaway!  Project Murdock, the system I made to give stuff away, has leveled up and received a new name:  Sites with Benefits.  Along with the new name, I've added a bunch of new features, but more on that later.  You can find all the contest details here.  This time I am giving away:

Ornate Chest.  Probably the most prized item in Wrath of Heroes as it contains an Elite Tactic.  I have one code to giveaway, so we will be doing it lottery style.  Buy as many tickets as you want.  A winner will be drawn on October 22nd.

XP Boosts.  I have more 7-Day 100% XP Boosts to give away from Wrath of Heroes too.  These just cost points, so get yours while supplies last!

What's New?

New Widget.  On your left, you should see the new Sites with Benefits widget.  It's not great yet, but I think it is an improvement from the first version.

Themed.  As you can see with the name and the campaign page, I am trying to make the contests less dry and more themed to what I am giving away.

Create a Video.  This is a new Mission which I spent a good chunk of the weekend working on.  The goal here is two fold. First, encourage players to create videos of the game and submit the URL for big points.  Secondly, a Share Videos mission is also automatically created which will feature submitted videos and sharing links.  Users can then earn points by sharing videos made for the contest.

I wanted to try something to better promote the game I am featuring, so this is one attempt at doing that.  Making a video is not a trivial task, so we'll see if it works.

Facebook.  I have integrated Facebook with Sites with Benefits.  You can now login using FB, or do missions involving FB.