Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1.4.7 Scenario Lineup

As with every patch, the scenario lineup for Warhammer Online changes.  I was not a big fan of the last patches list, but it looks like it is about to get a lot better.  I'm sure others will disagree though, as it does not contain a 6v6 map.  Below is the list for Bracket 3.

Nordenwatch.  This is a favorite for a lot of people, so I am glad to see it in the list.  I give this pick an A.

Khaine's Embrace.  Good ol' KE, this is another good one.  So popular that SWTOR is using is for Ancient Hypergates.  I give this pick a B.

Battle for Praag.  This is one of my favorite scenarios, and it has not been seen in the later tiers for what seems like forever.  Another A here from me.

Mourkain Temple.  It's not just for Wrath of Heroes :)  This is another classic, which was recently revamped (thanks to WoH).  I've always enjoyed this map, so I give it an A.

Overall I am very happy with the scenarios they chose.  It is much improved over what we currently have on live.  I know some people want a 6v6 map, but we have had Eternal Citadel for what seems like forever.  It'll be nice to not have it being the only pop.