Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choose the Next Giveaway

Now that Durrig's Secret Stash has wrapped up, it's time for the next Mission.  This one is brand new, and appropriate for the season, at least here in the US.  It's a poll!  Exciting, I know.  It's up and ready to be used, just check out the widget on the left side of the page.  Login and vote :)

There are 3 choices:

  • WAR 60-Day Timecard plus various codes
  • Two Planetside 2 beta keys
  • SWTOR 60-day Timecard plus five TaunFawn codes

Loot. I've also introduced Loot to Sites with Benefits.  These rewards are basically consumables which will give you a buff.  If you participate in this mission, you'll receive a Token of Appreciation which, when used, gives you 25% more points for one week.  I thought it'd be fun to add, guess we'll see.

The poll will close Sunday at 12pm EDT.