Monday, October 15, 2012

Durrig's Secret Stash Update

Today marks the midway point of Durrig's Secret Stash Giveaway, with the Ornate Chest lottery occurring on Monday, October 22nd.  So far everything has been working well, with a minor bug here and there.  But there are changes for this last week.

New Missions.  Several new mission have been added, and other missions removed.  That means new opportunities to gain points!

Comment Mission.  This has been changed to a one-time mission instead of a daily.  As a result, it is worth a bit more points.

Video Sharing Mission. This is still a Daily, but you can now only share a video once for each sharing type.  We had a couple of submissions, so go share them! :)

Unlocks.  Sites with Benefits now has the capability to unlock new missions by completing a mission.  We'll be testing that this week.

You can find the widget on the left side of the webpage, please let me know if you have any issues.  Thanks!