Thursday, May 3, 2012

Elite Tactics

Elite Tactics, in Wrath of Heroes, are obtained by purchasing Ornate Chests.  These are the best tactics you can obtain at the moment.  On the bright side, they can be purchased with in-game Gold or the real currency Gems.  I did a little data mining and got a list of all the ones currently available.

Since this info has been data mined, not all the data is present.  Some of these may not even be in the game yet, so just use as a guideline.

Acceleration Increases your movement speed by {COM_0_VAL0}%.

Alertness.  Reduces all area damage you take by {COM_0_VAL0}%.

Altruist's Gift.  15% chance on healing someone else:  You deal {COM_2_VAL0}% more damage for {COM_2_DURA_SECONDS}.

Bleak Pragmatism.  You deal {COM_0_VAL0}% more damage to targets that are below 40% hit points.

Bloodthirst.  20% chance on hit:  Regain {COM_1_VAL0} hit points.

Carnage.  20% chance on hit:  Deals {COM_1_VAL0} damage to 2 other enemies near the target.

Counterblast.  25% chance on being hit:  Deals {COM_1_VAL0} damage to all nearby enemies.

Escape!  20% chance on being hit:  You sprint for {COM_1_VAL0_COM_0_DURA_SECONDS}.

Eternal Knowledge.  Reduces ability cooldown times by {COM_0_VAL0}%.

Fervor.  Increases your maximum hit points by 250.

Gods' Gift.  5% chance on hit:  Reset all ability cooldowns.

Hardened Flesh.  Increases your armor by {COM_0_VAL0}%.

Illustrious Stand.  You deal {COM_0_VAL0}% more damage when you are below 40% hit points.

Maim.  15% chance on hit:  Snares the target for {COM_1_VAL0_COM_0_DURA_SECONDS}.

Massive Blasting.  25% chance on hit:  Knocks the target away from you.

Murderous Attacks.  Increases all damage you deal by {COM_0_VAL0}% when attacking from the rear.

Overwhelming Force.  Increases your bonus critical hit damage by 35%.

Perfect Adaptation.  100% chance on being critically hit:  You cannot be critically hit again and you take {COM_2_VAL0}% less damage for {COM_1_DURA_SECONDS}.

Perfect Agility.  Reduces the durations of all root effects used on you by {COM_0_VAL1}%.

Perfect Aim.  Increases your chance to critically hit by {COM_0_VAL1}%.

Perfect Assault.   30% chance on critical hit:  Increases the damage you deal by {COM_1_VAL0}% for {COM_1_DURA_SECONDS}.

Perfect Balance.  Reduces the durations of all stagger effects used on you by {COM_0_VAL1}%.

Perfect Bulwark.  15% chance on healing someone else:  The target absorbs up to {COM_2_VAL0_COM_0_VAL1} damage for up to {COM_2_VAL0_COM_0_DURA_SECONDS}.

Perfect Proficiency.  Reduces the durations of all knockdown effects used on you by {COM_0_VAL1}%.

Perfect Recovery.  30% chance on dodging:  Deals {COM_1_VAL0} damage back against the attacker.

Protection of the Gods.  You take only 10% damage while knocked down.

Responsiveness.  Increases the effectiveness of most healing used on you by {COM_0_VAL1}%.

Restorative Surge.  25% chance on being hit:  Regain {COM_1_VAL0} hit points.

Tearing Edge.  8% chance on hit:  Deals {COM_1_VAL0_COM_0_VAL0_TOD} damage over {COM_1_VAL0_COM_0_DURA_SECONDS}.

Temerity.  Reduces all damage you take by {COM_0_VAL0}% when you are below 40% hit points.

Some of the entries can also be found here over on the wiki: