Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big WoH Update

Game Update 0.19 (it is technically still beta) arrives for Wrath of Heroes today, with some very interesting features.  This patch also contains a new Hero, a Dwarf!  I can't believe it has taken this long to get one in the game.  It has been shown that a games awesomeness scales proportionally with the amount of Dwarves contained within.

Let's take a look at some of the big ticket items in this update.

Rent a Hero.  For a small Gold cost, you can gain access to a Hero during a scenario.  Let's say your opponents are using Glowgob and none of you have Volrik, now you can unlock him for the match.  This might add some very interesting flexibility.

Health Potions.  These potions are used when out of combat to regain health.  They will be available in the store, but there is no word yet on if they are Gems only, or can be bought with Gold.  Overall, I'm not too concerned about out of combat stuff, except maybe on the Skaven.

Free Hero Tactics.  Free Heroes are now able to equip tactics which you have access to.  You can't get access to their mastery trees, but you can still improve them.  You get the tactics back afterwards too, so no loss.

Matchmaking.  The system will now try to pit players in warbands against each other first, which should result in less pug vs premade battles.  Looking forward to seeing how well this works.

There is a lot I didn't mention, so go check the rest out:  http://wrathofheroes.warhammeronline.com/news/56

And last but not least, Olwyn Shieldbearer.  It is going to be tough not to buy her this week.