Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Invasion Recap

The Invasion of Mythic's HQ last week seems to have been a success.  The ones who traveled there successfully made it out again.  I'm not sure if they were tortured like we were the last time.  It is only fair that they were too.  I was dialed and videoed in, so lets talk a bit about it.

Wrath of Heroes was the primary topic of discussion.  First up, we were introduced to a new hero:  Amenadresh the Tomb King.  This guys is pretty awesome.  He had ranged AoE damage and heals and a very cool theme.   It will be very nice to have another healer other than Glowgob.

The 2nd big topic was the introduction of a new map, The Pyramid of Settra.  This is set in the land of the Dead and is very nice looking.  We were able to try it out (with the new hero) and I had a lot of fun.  It is basically a combination of Black Fire Pass and The Arena.  It's objective based, but small so there is a lot of fighting.

We talked about a bunch of other topics, which I'm not sure we can share quite yet.  Mythic has a lot of plans for WoH and there really is a lot of potential.  Tomorrow, the patch with Settra and Amenadresh launches!  I will probably spend some money to buy the new hero.  I have a thing for ranged support :)

WAR was also talked about, but due to some technical issues I was unable to really hear what went on.  Once some of the people who were physically there transcribe the conversation, I'll pass it along.