Thursday, May 10, 2012

1.3 Details Emerge

SWTOR's 1.3 patch is currently in development and we do not yet know when it will be released.  However, some information about what will be in the patch is starting to become available.  It's looking to be much more of a systems patch than content.  So what do we know about the so called 'Allies' patch?

LFG.  The primary feature of the patch will be a Looking For Group system.  This shouldn't be confused with the pseudo-lobby LFD/LFR system WoW has.  I expect it to be a bit more traditional and just help you group up.  The pocast talks a bit about the LFG system.

Is it really that simple though?  They did say this:

However, if you play the random game, especially for flashpoints and heroic flashpoints, and you just set yourself purely random then like yeah we are going to throw a cookie at you.

That they can give rewards makes it sound like more than a normal LFG system.

Armor.  Right now, Social Armor is all of the Light variety.  In 1.3, it will be adaptive.  That means if you wear Heavy armor, it will also change to Heavy.  Good news for a lot of classes that want to wear our Containment gear.

Augments.  An Augment is pretty much a bonus talisman slot currently obtained through crafting critical's.    In 1.3, players will be able to add an augment slot to gear by using those item modification tables and Augment Kits.  The kits are obtained from your friendly neighborhood crafter.  Now non-crafted gear can compete with crafted fully.

Ranked Warzones.  Will these make it in the 1.3 patch?  Still a mystery.

Legacy.  The legacy system will be expanded in 1.3 to include the stuff on the coming soon page.  It includes ways to customize your leveling experience through boosts and other shortcuts.

I don't expect that this is a complete list, but it is shaping up to be a decent patch considering there is little to no new content.  For me, that is fine.  I have tons of content still do since I am such a slow leveler.  Hopefully they get it turned around quick, so people craving new content can get some.