Thursday, May 31, 2012

Down with O.P.P.?

Ah O.P.P., reminds me of grade school dances.  Wait, should they have been playing that at a kids school dance?  Anyway, this time that last P stands for profiles.  The latest Wrath of Heroes patch contains a feature called 'Other People's Profiles' which lets you look at, and compare, profiles.

It's very simple to use, just right-click on someones name and choose View Profile.  From there you can see theirs as you would yours.  If you look at Hero Stats, it will compare yours versus theirs.  Let's take a look at me versus WAR Stratics Editor Mykiel.

What's that?  I just chose a Hero I know I played a lot more than he did?  Purely a random occurrence I assure you :)  It's a neat little feature, but really seems like the beginnings of rankings which is something I very much want to see.