Monday, April 16, 2012

Ornate Chests

A couple of weeks ago, Wrath of Heroes introduced a new item to their store: the Ornate Chest.  It's like the Wooden Chests, but fancier.  Much fancier, considering the cost.  So what do you get for 200 gems or 40,000 Gold?  Based on the description, there are 'epic tactics' inside.

Since I am saving all my money for new heroes, I went to the source and asked about these epic tactics.  Here are two examples.

Acceleration.  Increases your run speed by 10%.  (versus 3% on the tactic Rapidity).

Temerity.  Reduces all damage taken by 40% if you are below 40% health.  Compared to the Desperation tactic that is 35% at 25%.

Those are just a couple of examples of what you might find in an Ornate Chest.  They certainly look like substantial improvements over the normal versions of the tactics.  As far as I know, they are only available in these new chests.

Personally, I would wait for a sale to pick one of these up.  It's not a guarantee that you'll receive something useful for a Hero that you regularly play, but things like a 10% run speed buff might be useful for everybody.  If you've purchased an Ornate Chest and have other examples, please do leave them in a comment.