Friday, April 27, 2012

Beta Weekend, Firefall, and Tera

The long awaited Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is here.  It should be an interesting time, although I'm not expecting much more than lag and other troubles since it is the first event.  Server wise, I think I am going to roll on Anvil Rock with the other old CoW's ;)

We've got a few hours until the event starts, so how about some PvP videos?

Firefall, last I heard, was going for an e-sport sytle of PvP in their scenarios.  It looks pretty fun, although we will see if I have the reflexes to be useful.  I certainly don't in tribes, where I just brutalize the ground.  Overall, it is a pretty good video with decent music.

Next up is a Tera video.  Now I don't know very much about the game, except that the theme is really not my style.  That being said, this video is pretty cool.  It looks like you can set up open world team duels (deathmatches) and fight it out whenever.  This appears to be an 8 vs 8 match, with a bunch of people watching.