Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1.4.6 Update #2

Warhammer Online's 1.4.6 patch is nearing release!  Last week, Keaven stopped by the forums to give us another update about the teams progress.  The Completed list has grown longer, and the to-do list is getting pretty short now.  Below is the latest update.

New items that have passed testing:

  • Change how pets are resummoned by the system after players cross zones
  • Increase max stack size for vendor purchases
  • WAR Report no longer usable during combat
  • Remove flight animations
  • Check Mourkain Temple's chickening, updating areas as needed to make sure both Order and Destruction are equal
  • Add Relic Barriers all the way around the Dark Elf Fortress
  • Fix how Cloud of Corruption applies Inoculation
  • Increase interact time for both stealing a Relic, and picking one up off the battlefield
  • Change Tier 4 Lakes to bolster to 45
  • Correct Quick Escape, rank 1, so it removes correctly when using other abilities
  • Add Fortress Foreman inside Fortress Keep Armory when the Fortress is first claimed
  • Check Skeetk's combat AI
  • Check how Throt reacts to out-of-combat taunts
  • Ensure Rams are not able to be staggered or knocked back
  • Check WAR Report teleport locations

Still in testing, and new items now in testing:
  • Add more titles for "Important Monsters"
  • Change the way the MiniMap recieved updated for monster name changes
  • Check all scenario guards, swapping out stationary ones for those that chase into the playing field
  • New Scenario Brackets
  • Change lockout on WAR Report usage
  • Change player summoning to take you to the original location of the summoner, not their current location

What stands out to me most?  That would be the 'bolster to 45' change which will be coming in 1.4.6.  That means there will effectively be no more hidden levels, since everyone will be 45.  It's a big change which should bring more balance to the lakes.