Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pathfinder Economy Detailed

If you have not been following the development of Pathfinder, you should be.  It's a MMO, early in development which is turning out to be quite the sandbox.  They regularly release blog entries discussing the systems of the game.  The latest entry details harvesting, processing and crafting.

Pathfinder Online is filled with characters that have a big impact on the world but are rarely (if ever) seen. These are the common folk. Think of them like the Sims in Sim City: you'll see the results of their actions, but you won't usually interact with them directly. Common folk live in and around a given hex, and are the source of labor used by player character activities in that area.
When you construct a camp, it will begin to attract common folk who will perform the work of harvesting the resource you've located. Keeping the common folk happy and productive is a big part of your job as a harvester. They need to be kept safe—if the camp comes under attack by monsters or by other player characters, the common folk will flee and no work will be undertaken until the area is again secure. Common folk extracting medium and higher level resources may also require you to keep them stocked with consumable tools and supplies.

The full entry can be found here:

It certainly is an ambitious plan, I hope they can pull it off.  The developers are really putting a lot of depth in there, I just hope they can climb out and release the game :)