Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drulg lumbers onto the scene

The newest hero to join the Wrath of Heroes lineup is Drulg the Ogre.   He is big and carries a large club... what more would you expect?  For the first week he is available, he can only be purchased with gems.  If you feel like smashing things, you may want to check him out.

We also saw a change-up of the free Hero lineup this week.  Glowgob, Felcia and Volrik are available to everyone.  Free Glowgob has definitely had an affect on the matches I have seen so far.   Two Shamans per team is nice and all, but you are going to need some damage or a lot of Volrik's to make a dent in the heals.  Sadly, free Felicia is not up to the task.

It makes me glad I purchased Ilayna.  While I do a ton of AoE damage with Felicia, it isn't until I break out the Sorceress that enemies starting dying.  I think Felicia will be much more effective if you can use her mastery tree.  She will be mine, someday (when she goes on sale).

Yesterday was a good day, not only did I get 2 free Wooden Chests, I got a third on the spinner!  That was a first for me, very nice :)