Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mo' Money in Wrath of Heroes

Good news from the Wrath of Heroes front!  Late last week, Mythic announced they they are basically doubling the amount of gold players receive at the conclusion of a match.  Gone are the days of getting a whopping 15 gold, when you need 30,000 to purchase that shiny new hero.

In my matches since the change, I have not yet been rewarded less than 100 gold even for a loss.  This change makes the game MUCH more interesting since you can actually achieve something with the gold if you are so inclined.  It is, of course, easier just to buy stuff with gems.  That's where the choice comes in though, and choice is good.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised that they made the change.  I never had a problem with the potential gold a player could make.  If you unlocked 4+ spinners, you could pull in a decent reward.  It was the case where you only unlocked one or two spinners which I found lacking.

Now if you add in a Gold Boost, you can make some serious coin quickly.  Before the change, it hardly seemed worthwhile.  Now it is much more attractive and something I will buy more of.  As an example, I had 5 spinners unlocked and pulled in 375 gold.  If I had a gold boost active it would have been 750.

In other news, Nethys the Vampire Count is now on sale (for Gems only the first week).  I'm not a big fan of hers, but she can be an effective hero when used properly.