Monday, December 5, 2011

Bounty Hunter PvP

Sadly, the SWTOR beta has come to an end.  I was in it for a couple of months and had a great time.  Luckily, the launch of the game is only 10 days away!  A week or so ago I made a video of my level 15 Bounty Hunter Mercenary in the Alderaan warzone.  PvP is better than I thought it would be in The Old Republic, not perfect, but pretty fun.

As you can see from the video, I am doing some healing.  That is one nice thing about the classes in this game, they are all hybrids.  While all Mercenaries can heal, I've been concentrating on the Bodyguard tree which enhances healing.

Once of the interesting abilities Mercenaries get is Combat Support Cylinder.  When active, it changes your spammable attack (pistol shots in my case).  When targeted at an enemy it does damage as you would expect. When an ally is targeted, it will heal them.  It's a small heal, but does not build up an Heat so you can always be using it.

The Bounty Hunter is a fun class and very versatile.  So it comes as no surprise that warzones were crawling with them (and Sorcerers).  Can't go wrong with fun combat and a good story.

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