Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tobias and Rockgut

Beta 4 of Wrath of Heroes will include two brand new heroes.  One you might expect, the other is not really a traditional player class in Warhammer Online.  When Mythic mentioned Tobias, I guessed a Witch Hunter.  I was wrong.

Tobias is a Knight of the Blazing Sun.  He prefers a large 2-handed sword to a shield.  And much like his WAR Live counterpart, he enhances his allies.  No word on what the Blessing of Myrmidia does, but we'll find out soon.

Rockgut is the second hero, a Troll!  Not of the Internet forum variety, but pretty nasty none the less. This guy is a melee healer with some regeneration.  He also likes to burp and throw up.  A classy kind of guy.

It's nice to see a hero from outside the career lineup of Warhammer Online.  There is so much potential in the Warhammer lore, we are barely scratching the surface.

The next Beta session starts this week!

Beta 4 comes with a new version of WoH and will start Friday, December 16 at 11am EST (4pm GMT). The servers will be online non-stop until Tuesday, December 20 at 11am EST (4pm GMT).