Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Look at WAR

We all know WAR is great for PvP, which mostly involves looking for an enemy, then killing said enemy.  It also has some spectacular scenery. You can get a bit of tunnel vision when on the hunt for renown and miss it.  It also doesn't help that a large part of the game, geographically, is not used in normal PvP activities.

Some of the environments in Warhammer Online are very well done.  Etaew, a blogger, has been taking the time to document some of these great views.  In a series of posts, he provides a number of screenshots from all over the game.

In today's post, he covers Mount Bloodhorn from a Greenskins perspective.  Don't worry Dwarfs, there is one from your perspective too.

Be sure to take a look around his site to see the other zones he has done.