Friday, December 2, 2011

Nexus Datacron: First

In the fine tradition of the News from the Front posts comes the Nexus Datacron.  These posts will basically showcase some of the interesting community content for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I will, of course, be counting on the TOR Nexus to help find these gems.  That's enough intro, let's get to the good stuff.


Bantha PooDoo.  The latest issue of the Jedi Gambit is up!  Rackham, who also made the awesome banner for this site, continues his excellent web comic series.

Advanced Respecs.  Torwars has a post discussing the latest news about respecs of your Advanced Class.  Spoiler: no respecs at this time.  I'm not surprised, Advanced Classes are really just classes.

Accessories.  Scary Worlds let us know that in order to get the 'full SWTOR experience' you may need to shell out around $1,000.  This includes all those custom accessories that razor is putting out.

What's my name?  Syp has some concerns about the recently announced Legacy system.  Specifically when it comes to choosing a surname or title.  I'd have to agree with him,  I really don't want to feel rushed to go claim my name.

Patch Notes.  Darth hater posted a copy of the latest beta Patch Notes.  Nothing too major in there, just a lot of bug fixes and polishing.

Data Mining.  Darth hater also posted the results of their data mining the latest patch.  Looks like a ton of items and recipes were added, but not really mentioned in the patch notes.


Easter Egg.  SWTOR does indeed have some Easter Eggs.    This one is pretty awesome and has to do with Night at the Roxbury.

Legacy.  Speaking of the Legacy system, MattOwen07 posted a video showing how it works.

Ilum.  Wondering what SWTOR's PvP planet, Ilum, looks like?  Here is a video tour of the battlefield.

Space.  A look at one of the space combat missions you'll be able to do.  Sure, it's not X-Wing... but it does look cool.

Big Boss.  A video of a lower level Trooper, but includes a look at one of the World Bosses you might find in your travels.  It is beta, so do ignore that invisible assault cannon ;)