Monday, December 12, 2011

Server Merges Incoming

Late last week, Mythic announced that they will be offering Free Server Transfers for Warhammer Online.  This means another round of server merges is coming soon.  Actually, they will be starting this Wednesday, December 14th.

It will involve four servers:

Gorfang -> Badlands

Karak Azgal -> Karak Norn

This will leave WAR with a total of four servers: 1 US, 1 EU-English, 1 EU-German, and 1 Russian.

I don't think these come as much of a surprise to anyone, especially considering the launch of SWTOR this week (Early Access).  It's not all bad news though.   Merges give the remaining servers a new burst of life which is pretty important when it comes to PvP.  It'll also be nice to play with the folks on Gorfang since I am on Badlands.

This is just in time for the 1.4.5 patch which will bring back Fortresses.  Still no word on when that will be hitting the PTS, but I expect soon.

Being down to four servers is a little depressing, considering where WAR started.  I've had fun for over 3 years though, so I really can't be that down about it.  That's a long time to be playing a game.