Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Web-Services for MMO's

Web-Services are becoming quite popular in today's MMO's. Using them Web (i.e. HTML) with a MMO is not a new proposition. MUD's and other text-based games were doing it before the advent of the graphical MMO's. Back then, the web was pretty basic and many text-based users used terminals to access their games.

One of my first programming projects was altering PennMUSH so I could dump in-game economy information to a file in the web server directory. Good times. We have come along way since then, just look at the WoW Armory. By making all of this data available outside the game, they increased community involvement greatly. Sites like wowhead have become almost a necessity.

I have high hopes for what WAR will available for Web-Services. DAoC, their first RvR effort, provides XML files with in game information, so I would expect at least that amount of information.

As a test, I put together a quick example. On the side-bar, down at the bottom, you can see the populations of 3 DAoC clusters. It will update on refresh. This was a very quick test of what can be done now, using no real hosting (I am on blogger). The future is bright!


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