Thursday, June 26, 2008

WAR: Dodged bullet

It was not too long ago, that the focus of WAR RvR was in Scenarios (Battlegrounds ). The fact Mythic was heading down this road still worries me today. Open world RvR consisted of taggable objectives... and that was pretty much it. This sounds like a game I do not want to play.

I am not sure why they designed the game that way. Thankfully, beta changed their minds and put the focus on open world RvR. It seems like this was an obvious decision, so why didn't they start out that way?

Everything Mythic has been saying lately has been great. However, this still sits in the back of my mind casting some doubt as to whether they really know what they (and we) want. Just thought I would share this small worry :) We will find out soon enough if it is warranted.


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