Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WAR Boot Camp: Chaos

WAR is on the surface, a battle between the Empire and Chaos. This is not really true, as the Empire is only one human group and Chaos is not really a group at all. It could be said that it is a battle between good and evil, but that is not accurate either. One of the nice things about Warhammer is it is not cut and dry/black and white.

So what exactly is Chaos?

Chaos is a force that comes from a realm of energy (aka magic) in another dimension. It enters our world through gates located at the poles. Chaos can be described as an amplifier to the nature of living things. Living things have basic instincts, such as survival and anger, which are often amplified by Chaos and in turn these dark instincts begin to corrupt the host.

Sounds like Chaos is pretty bad.

It can be, but it is also the source of The Empire and High Elf magical power. They tend to only embrace a small part of Chaos due to the dangers it presents. So when you are wielding your magic, keep in mind where it comes from.

So, Chaos is just a magical energy?

If it were only so simple... Chaos is alive, in a sense. When living things use Chaos, Chaos also feeds off of them. Gods and Demons are created out of Chaos energy. These Chaos entities are created from emotions and instincts of the creatures using the energy. If hate and anger are ruling the world, you can bet the Gods representing hate and anger are benefiting.

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